People are obsessed with murder footage. And I can’t understand why.

I’ve reached that point in quarantine where I became a tik toker.

In my defense, I’m not doing dance challenges. I’ve been doing true crime content.

By far, I’ve only done 2 videos. First, about the recent case of Reeflay, the Russian streamer that put his pregnant girlfriend wearing only underwear outside in the cold Russian fall. He then recorded himself bringing Valentina’s body inside the house. Almost 2 hours go by where Valentina’s dead body lays in the sofa and Reeflay keeps recording himself, talking to his audience. He doesn’t stop recording even when ER arrives at the scene and declares Valentina as deceased.

Screenshot from Reeflay’s stream with his dead girlfriend on the background

The other case I talked about was Maria Farinha’s murder of Raissa Sotero Rezende. 14 year old Brazilian girl was tortured and murdered by her ex girlfriend and her ex’s lover. The torture was filmed by the murderer and the 8 minute video of Raissa’s last minutes went viral on social media.

So, both cases have in common the fact that there were footage of the crimes available on the internet. And I said on tik tok.

As you can expect (or not) half of the comments on tik tok were of people wanting to see those footage. DESPERATLY wanting to see the videos, asking for anyone to please send them.

Listen, I’m a murderino. I get obsession with true crime. I get all that. But I don’t understand this crazy need and excitement in wanting to see another human being murdered. But I’ll try to understand, let’s see.

We all love gore stuff at some level.

And gore can be a lot of things.

I consider Dr Pimple’s videos extremely gore.

Horror movies such as Final Destination and Saw are also gore. And this is the type I like. When you watch those movies, you know you’re seeing actors, you know none of that is true, even if it could be. So it’s nice, you keep the adrenaline alive inside your body, feel your blood rushing.

But seeing real life footage of death and torture? That’s different, because you know that’s real, you know that there’s suffering behind that. You know that’s a crime. Then why in the hell are you watching that?

If that was in person, would you still watch it? Would you run away? Or look away?

I feel like screen allows us to feel distant of what’s happening in the video. Even though it’s real, it’s just a video that you can close whenever you want. You assume a passive role, you’re not taking any part in what’s happening. So yes, it’s a murder, but it’s not your fault.

Just like hearing horror stories when we are kids, we like to feel scary. There’s something exciting about it. I’m not a psychologist but that’s probably because of some primal part of our brain that needs to feel that life-death situation, we feel alive and alert by knowing that danger surround us.

Another theory is that we all have some psycho fantasies. C’mon, you had never though about how to murder someone? Thinking about how would that feel? It’s ok to think about those things, but that doesn’t mean you would do that. It’s just wondering. But just the fact that this thoughts happens,means that our subconscious thinks about that. And seeing someone doing the things we think about, maybe provides some relief to our psycho side. We can achieve our darkest desires without doing anything, we don’t need to feel guilty.

But maybe it’s just curiosity.

You know when you’re driving in a highway and there’s an accident and every car is just slowing down to see what happened? Same thing. We are curious about things that don’t happen in our daily life (thankfully), things that are rare and incomprehensible (murder is hard to understand for most of us).

There’s a visceral appeal in seeing a crime, such as riding a roller coaster. Those things make our body produce adrenaline a highly addictive substance that our brain really enjoys it. So yes, murder can be addictive and you don’t need to be Ted Bundy to feel that.

I don’t think it’s morally right to watch those footages. And that’s coming from someone that watched a lot of them. Not because I feel some pleasure in doing so, but because I wanted to understand. Understand the criminal mind, the enjoyment that people feel in watching it. And I didn’t understand.

Not only some are extremely traumatizing, but it’s disrespectful with the victim and it’s family. You’re basically entertaining yourself out of someone’s death. You’re treating a death as some curiosity. And someone is really suffering with the loss of that person, so you’re also making fun out of that.

Stay away from murder footage and go watch some cat videos.

Eu escrevo para compensar a minha dicção